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Recognizing the threat posed by reproductive Ursa after several specimens were dissected, the mandate of the United ranger Corps was to destroy the last of the predators before they had a chance to multiply.

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The fifth generation of Ursa was released on Nova Prime in A. The residents of Nova Prime were endangered as never before.

But they were also more heavily populated and better equipped. Despite heavy losses, the Ursa continued to survive, however, and it took the Rangers more than a decade to destroy all one hundred improved Ursa and their offspring. In A. Caught off guard by the improvements in the Ursa even experienced Rangers became easy prey.

Winning most encounters with the humans, the Ursa survived long enough to reproduce this time. Of the hundred Ursa sent to Nova Prime, eighty-eight were killed over time. Twelve remain unaccounted for. They have since bred and launched numerous attacks on humans in and around Nova Prime City. Despite scouting parties and drone aircraft the enclaves of these now-native Ursa have remained elusive, allowing the Ursa numbers to swell over time.

There have been repeated attacks on Nova Prime City, notably the attack in A. As of A.

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Each has been placed in a biostructural organic armor, strapped and suspended in a gel that inhibits their sense of smell while within the pod. Each Ursa has been taken to a holding facility on Iphitos far from the civilian population.

The Book of Ursa Chapter Angst Transitions, a gladiator fanfic | FanFiction

Much as antibodies are tailored to specific infection, Ursa have been constantly upgraded to more successfully attack human beings. The creature is capable of secreting horrifying black venom that is incredibly corrosive, it smells peoples fear, and is utterly blind. The creatures seem reasonably adaptive. The Ursa requires oxygen to metabolize what it eats and turn it into energy at a cellular level.

Although it has a hard constitution there is nothing in its makeup to keep it from falling victim to toxins. For nearly five hundred years, the Ursa have been modified and upgraded to be deadlier than the generation before. How the Skrel have managed to learn so much about humankind remains a cause for speculation. The main attributes of the first generation of Ursa were strength and ferocity. It was carnivorous with an almost insatiable hunger, it had four clawed appendages, and was sightless. Lacking ocular vision it tracked humans through a sense of smell estimated to be more than a hundred times more acute than that of humans.

In the second generation in an effort to refine their killing machine, the Skrel improved on their work, adjusting the skeleton to be a hollowed-out bone structure that would allow the Ursa to move more quickly and with less energy expenditure. Also, additional joints were added for the sake of flexibility, along with muscle. But they also removed one of the legs, letting the forelegs do most of the attacking while the thicker rear leg would provide stability or be used almost like a scorpion tail.

For the third generation the Skrel went back to the drawing board, reverting to the four-legged configuration, adding two armlike appendages and sharpening the Ursa's claws, wrapping the bony protuberances with densely packed keratin. They again upgraded the Ursa's musculature. More importantly, they gave the creature the ability to secrete and spew black, oily venom from glands in its mouth.

This venom, when it makes direct contact with the skin, is capable of causing paralysis. In the fourth generation of Ursa the Skrel were somehow able to determine that humans excrete pheromones when fearful and designed the Ursa to lock in on that scent. The pheremonal targeting made them exceptionally dangerous to humankind since almost everyone experiences fear at some point or another.

The other major development program appeared to be that, for the first time, they were capable of reproduction. Clearly the intention was to make the Ursa self-perpetuating and a permanent part of the planet's ecosystem.

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Examinations of corpses indicated they were designed to reproduce asexually. The fifth generation of the Ursa saw the introduction of a new kind of venom, corrosive enough to eat through human flesh and bone. Another aspect was a more efficient digestive system that allowed anything the Ursa consumed to be converted immediately into energy. In addition, this new generation was faster and stronger and able to leap higher than its predecessors.

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But perhaps the biggest change was that the Ursa could now camouflage themselves. Result Whether the player won or lost. Game Mode The game mode of the match. Duration The length of the match. K Number of kills by hero. D Number of deaths by hero. A Number of assists by hero. Spirit Breaker 26 minutes ago.

Lacus Ursi magni

Move speed: Won Match Ranked x3. Random Draft Very High Skill. Sand King 58 minutes ago. All Draft Very High Skill. Monkey King 2 hours ago. Lost Match Ranked. Invoker 22 hours ago. Won Match Ranked. Mirana a day ago.

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Monkey King a day ago. Tinker a day ago. Lina a day ago. Pugna a day ago. Invoker 2 days ago. Won Match Ranked x5. Lina 3 days ago. Lost Match Ranked x5. Doom 4 days ago. Won Match Normal x4. Single Draft Very High Skill. Techies 4 days ago.