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  1. Molly Fish (Care,Types,Feeding,Tank Setup,Tank Mates & Breeding)
  2. Molly Care & Breeding
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  4. Molly Fish (Care,Types,Feeding,Tank Setup,Tank Mates & Breeding)
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I actually feel sorry for the females having to be constantly pregnant without a break in between. I have actually had a few baby deaths recently when they end up getting in the way when the males are chasing the females for mating. I have over 60 mollies in a 65 gallon tank and no matter what tank they have been in, they simply multiply until they end up overcrowding it. I had 3 baby creamcicle lyretail mollies.

One started sitting on the bottom of the fry net and would move around like it was too heavy to lift off the bottom and it died the yesterday. Now another one is doing the same thing.

Molly Fish (Care,Types,Feeding,Tank Setup,Tank Mates & Breeding)

Water is good. All other fish in the tank are fine. I have tested my water.

Ammonia nitrate and nitrite are 0. The tanks has been cycled and running for a few months. I cannot see anything visibly wrong with the fry and they are a week old. I have the two left and one baby is still swimming actively. Any ideas would be appreciated. I would retest your water first, because if nitrates are showing at 0, then there is something wrong with the water.

Molly Care & Breeding

Then I would do a large water change just to be on the safe side. That would rule out most of the easy stuff. Then we move to the more difficult stuff. Is there any change in their poop? Any discolouration on their bodies? Well the test strips are by color, so I probably misread.

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I retested in better light this morning. Looks like the nitrate is above 0 but less than They are light colored anyway. Poop looks normal as far as I can tell. The adult fish in the tank look fine as well. The water is fairly hard and ph is around 7. My cory cats laid eggs yesterday though so I know the temps probably drop at night but my heater is set at I love mollies and have had Dalmatian mollies in the past. I just set up a 20 gallon tank and am wondering if anyone on this thread is in Chicago as I am.

Hi everyone. Any tips on how to make sure? If she has the black spot, then she is definitely pregnant. My friend recently got me a single black molly for my birthday. When she came over- the fish food was goldfish flakes. Is this okay for the molly?

How long can it last with goldfish flakes? If not, what should I get? As for how long it will last, it should last a very long time with a single molly. Only feed it as much as it can eat in minutes. They all breed about the same, although some of the more ornamental ones like balloon mollies do occasionally have problems.

Pick the Right Fish

Why does it seem like every time I just look at my balloon mollies, they die? Last week, one of our yellow balloon mollies died after giving birth the week prior. Then, another yellow balloon Molly died a few hours later by not being able to swim properly and just floating around. Afterwards, we were left with 2 black balloon mollies one male, one female and one female yellow one. The male black molly repeatedly chased the yellow one until eventually the yellow molly died earlier today.

What are we doing wrong??? Mollies are notoriously sensitive to anything going wrong in their aquariums. Do you have any live plants I find they help stabilize the water even more for mollies?

Molly Fish (Care,Types,Feeding,Tank Setup,Tank Mates & Breeding)

How long do you normally have them for before they die? I have a 3 gallon hydroponic tank that is recommended for a betta, and had a betta fish in it.

The betta was not doing well, and I went to the place where I bought him to ask what I should do. They guy recommended before buying water testing stuff to just see if he was old and bored so to get him some tank mates. So I bought two small mollies one just about 2 cm in length, and the other even smaller. So now I have two small mollies in this 3 gallon tank. I found your site which says minimum 10 gallons.

Quick Details on Molly Fish

Also, the guy said I could feed them betta food, which is freeze-dried blood worms and betta pellets. So any recommendations on if I should keep these mollies? They seem alright so far. One of them seems to be very interested in one of the snails in the tank. Also, is feeding them the betta food OK, or should I get the flakes? Thanks for any advice! I really hate when stores employees get it so wrong.

First of all, the mollies should be fine with the betta food, but they also need some plant matter in their diet. So maybe supplement with blanched, lightly shelled peas occasionally or small pieces of other vegetables. Not only do mollies grow large, but they also produce a lot of waste.

Tank size suitable for mollies

The water will quickly foul and will probably kill them. I have set up a new tank with Mollies, this morning most of them are at the bottom of the tank and not moving much, other than a shimmy of their body I guess to keep the water moving over their gills would they be sick or is this normal? I have set the heater for 26C would this be to warm? They definitely sound sick. Also, how did you add them to the aquarium?

If the water is fine, was there any sign of disease in the tank you got them from? Do they look bloated?