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Advanced Microwave Circuits and Systems

Product Description This textbook attempts to give a comprehensive material to the students of all the Indian universities studying the subject s Electric Circuits and Network Analysrs with special reference to those in electrical science branch in engineering colleges. A significant number of typical problems selected from the question papers of various universities are worked out for the benefit of the students. Also an impressive number of unsolved numerical problems are given at the end of each chapter for practice which will give the readers confidence about their understanding of the concepts clearly.

The performance of any electrical device or machine is always studied by drawing its electrical equivalent circuit.

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Hence this book can prove to be useful to the students of other disciplines as well. These will be first carried out for resistive circuits which obey algebraic equations and then extended to circuits with energy storage elements C, L which obey differential equations. Along the way, we'll also discuss the rudiments of negative feedback circuit using the opamp.

22330 - Electric Circuits and Networks.pdf - Scheme – I...

After taking this course, one should be able to analyze any linear circuit. Get personalized course recommendations, track subjects and courses with reminders, and more. Home Subjects Engineering Electrical Engineering.

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Start now for free! The objective of this chapter is to introduce the concepts used in these chapters to describe the inductive characteristics of complex interconnect structures.

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The magnetic properties of circuits are typically introduced using circuits with inductive coils. The inductive characteristics of such circuits are dominated by the self and mutual inductances of these coils.

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The inductance of a coil is well described by the classical definition of inductance based on the magnetic flux through a current loop. The situation is more complex in circuits with no coils where no part of the circuit is inductively dominant and the circuit elements are strongly inductively coupled. The magnetic properties in this case are determined by the physical structure of the entire circuit, resulting in complex inductive behavior.

The loop inductance formulation is inconvenient to represent the inductive characteristics of these circuits.