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  1. "The Chemo Club" Movie Poster Design | Student Work on Behance
  2. Beating the side effects of blood cancer treatment, one meal at a time
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Great progress Bud! Take each day as it comes, and in no time you'll be done with chemo Up at with a chemical buzz on, eh? Reminds me of my college days! Doncha love that metalic taste?

"The Chemo Club" Movie Poster Design | Student Work on Behance

Sort of brings new meaning to the old term "metal mouth" that used to be applied to folks that wear braces. Funny how it changes with us as we get older! Hang in there, bro and know that the effects you see and taste are indications that the drugs are working in your body - slaying the dragon. Hi Bud, Sounds like you're tolerating it pretty well. I couldn't even think of going near the computer for about 5 days after my treatments.

Just hang in there and take it easy!

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Take advantage of the time in between your treatments to catch up on things. Best of luck, Carolyn. Hey Bud, Good news!

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  5. From lemon juice to plastic forks: Quick tricks to deal with cancer treatment side effects.
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It is like waiting for both shoes to drop, this chemo side effect stuff. Sounds like it went pretty well for you overall. I hope it's a somewhat enjoyable buzz Did you manage the drive back home?? Hope there are no trucks in sight!!

Beating the side effects of blood cancer treatment, one meal at a time

Keep on truckin' yourself, More positive thoughts coming your way :- Judy. Every time I hear that pump click, I go get another glass of water.. Bud, If the pump click is keeping you awake, an old trick is to turn on your radio just enough to mask it. This also works for people with artificial heart valves or spouses who click for whatever reason!

If that doesnt work add some Irish Whisky but for heavens sake, don't tell Emily I told you this! HAve you tried melatonin to help you sleep? It's also an awesome anti-oxidant to kill those cancer buggers. Take it only at night tho' when it will shrink your tumor Go figure.

I am up to 18 mg and I sleep like a baby She also found that chicken, salmon, broccoli and beet juice helped her feel better during chemo. Dry mouth. Some chemotherapies and radiation to the head and neck can cause dry mouth. She also recommends rinsing your mouth with water before eating and taking small sips of a drink throughout the meal. Club soda can also help, said Andrew Lin, an oncology nurse practitioner at the University of Washington Medical Center. Swishing or gargling with salt water can help combat mouth sores from chemo or radiation to the head or neck, Lin said, and some of his patients have found relief from applying cold, already-brewed tea bags.

Mushy and bland foods were key during chemo for Kakutani, who also ate a lot of oatmeal and other soft cereal, soup, soft tofu and refried beans.

Difficulty swallowing. For patients with cancers of the brain or head and neck, it can be hard to swallow many foods, even water. Katz made a lot of blended, creamy soups for her father when he was undergoing treatment for his larynx cancer.

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Fred Hutch biologist Dr. Andrew Taylor said his late wife, Dr.

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Chemo can cause peripheral neuropathy, damage to the nerves that sense touch and temperature. This often feels like numbness in the fingers and toes, but it can also manifest as increased sensitivity to hot or cold.

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What can help? Both the disease itself and cancer treatments can cause fatigue. Rest and taking it easy is important, of course, but there may be other lifestyle modifications patients can try. What are your best hacks?

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Keep the conversation going by telling us on Facebook. She has a Ph. Donate Now. Del Solar competed in Spain from to , always in La Liga. He started at CD Tenerife — where he partnered Argentine Fernando Redondo in central midfield, and also his compatriot Percy Olivares — helping the Canary Islands side rob Real Madrid of the league title in the last round in his first season , playing in 30 matches and scoring once the team also qualified for the first time ever to the UEFA Cup ; this dramatic league scenario also happened in the following year , but his presence was much more testimonial.

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